Early morning flight to Kayseri/Nevşehir or night before bus to Ürgüp.
Day 1
Walk through the “Fairy Chimneys” in Devrent Valley, Paşabağ (Monks’) Valley, practice pottery production with the ancient technique in Avanos. Visit to Göreme, the "open-air museum“ holding the earliest churches and chapels carved in fairy chimneys presenting finest examples of frescoes. Uçhisar Castle, the highest point in the region. Dinner at hotel and overnight.
Day 2 
Panoramic view of the Hospital Monastery. Walk into the “wonderland” at Kızılçukur (Red Valley) and the village of Çavuşin with rock-cut dwellings. Underground City of Kaymaklı, rock-cut city beneath the earth up to 8-9 levels where early Christians used to hide from Roman and Byzantine persecution. Explore the rock formations in Çatalkaya. A fantastic overview of the fairy chimneys from Esentepe. Pigeon Valley, greatest collection of pigeon nests in the world. Dinner at hotel and overnight.
Day 3 
Derinkuyu Underground City, walk through the amazing Ihlara Valley. Lunch at Belisırma. Visit to the monasteries at Yaprakhisar and Selime. Dinner at hotel and overnight.
Day 4 
Mustafa Paşa
which inhabited Greek Orthodox families until the beginning of the 20th century. Walk through Damsa Lake. Visit to Keşlik, Archangelos Monastery with a church hall. After lunch, visit to Soğanlı. Possibility to watch local women baking bread. Drive to Taşkınpaşa for a wonderful panoramic view and Cemil where you‘ ll see a famous Greek church. Evening flight from Kayseri/Nevşehir or night bus from Ürgüp to İstanbul.