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Kadıköy, with its lively atmosphere and city life, cultural & art events, shopping centers, cafes, pubs and restaurants by the seaside and inland and lively nightlife is one of the most popular and colorful districts of İstanbul. History of the Kadıköy dates back to the Chalcedon of the Megarians, 635 BC. Chalcedon became known as the “city of the blind”. Byzantium was founded by Byzas following a prophecy of the future teller priests of Delphi that a great capital would be built “opposite the city of the blind”, meaning that the people of the Chalcedon must have been blind not to see the obvious value of the historical peninsula, today’s Sultanahmet Square. The 4th Ecumenical Church Council was held here in 451 AD in Kadıköy. Morning departure & drive over the Bosphorus Bridge from Europe-Asia. The traffic-free Bahariye Street can be considered as the most lively and famous place in Kadıköy. You may find variety of lovely cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants as well as quality shops and cultural event centers in the Bahariye Street. The Süreyya Opera House is the most eye catching building on the Bahariye Street which was designed as an opera, but used to serve as a cinema hall for many years. Now a theatre hall. Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church is located at the Kadıköy Market area which dates back to 1694.The 14 km Bağdat Street is one of the most luxurious streets for locals in İstanbul. There are numerous luxury cafes, restaurants and shops along the street. Bağdat Street was also awarded as the 4th most popular shopping street in the world some many years ago. There is also an Old Fashioned Tram operating from Kadıköy Harbour routing Market Place – Altıyol – Bahariye Bull Church – Moda Street – Mühürdar – Kadıköy. There are wide rang of places at the Kadıköy market area from green gracers to fishmongers, from spice shops to patisseries, cafes, pubs and restaurants. The Fighting Bull Statue is one of the most popular symbols and meeting points of Altıyol at Kadıköy. The glorious building of Haydarpaşa Old Railway Station and Pier is one of the popular landmarks from Kadıköy. Moda is a very peaceful, also popular residential neigborhood of Kadıköy. Evening return back to allocated place.