Full Day
Morning departure & drive over the Bosphorus Bridge from Europe to Asia.
Üsküdar, traditionally known as Scutari, a large & densely populated district.
The Maiden’s Tower, a small tower just 200 m. off the coast that has existed since Byzantine times. From time to time it has been used as ; a tall booth, a custome house, control tower, used to be a garrison under the control of Venezians, now it is used as a cafe and an upscale restaurant. Reach by private boat for a short tea-break and enjoy the 360° scenery from Maiden’s Tower. The well-known story about this tower is about a king and his doughter. That’s why it is called the Maiden’s Tower. Üsküdar is home to over 180 mosques, many of them historic Ottoman buildings, built for women of the Imperial Harem, and many built by the Court Architect Sinan The Great. The larger one is the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, ordered to the honor of the daughter of Sultan Süleyman The Magnificient. On the side of the mosque there is a Sultan Ahmet 3rd Fountain with 20 corners ordered for his Mother Sultan. Şemsi Pasha Complex with Kuşkonmaz Mosque and a Public Library is also designed by architect Sinan. Üsküdar’s long promenade coast along from the center down in southern direction towards the bus station at Harem is popular in summer as it commands views of the European shore. This promenade is lined with cafes and restaurants. Selimiye Barracks (from outside) were built by the Armenian Court Architect Krikor Balyan. There is a museum to the honor of Florence Nightingale, founder of the nursing, who nursed the wounded British soldiers during the Crimean War. The legendary Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, a 17th century scientist, is said to have landed here on his hang-glider flight from Galata Tower across the Bosphorus. Kuzguncuk is a Bosphorus village. Streets with little shops, seaside cafes and many old-fashioned wooden houses, Surp Krikor Lusavorich Armenian Church is still on service today. Synagogues of Üsküdar include Bet Yaakov, built 1878, offers religious service during summer time. During sacred Ramadan dinner tables are set for muslim people to break their fast, and Bet Nissim, built in the 1840s. is also in Kuzguncuk. Evening return back to allocated place