Nemrut Mountain & Malatya

 3 Days Tour

Best time to visit Nemrut is through May until August

Day 1
Transfer to the airport for flight to Malatya. Meeting at Malatya airport and transfer to the city. Check-in to hotel and start the city tour from the oldest human settlement center, Old Malatya. Visit the Grand Mosque, Mustafa Paşa Caravansarai, the traditional architectural sample of the Seldjouks and walk through the Arts Street and the Old City Walls. Dinner at hotel and overnight

Day 2
Tour of historical past dating back to Hittites (6000 BC) at Aslantepe Tumulus, example of a site-state exposing layers of 8 different cultures from Assryian, Urartian, Persian, Roman, Byzantian, Arabian, Seldjoukian and Turkish to which Malatya has been home. Visit Malatya Museum where excavated objects are displayed. Lunch of regional tastes from Turkish Cuisine. Afternoon drive enjoying the countryside towards Pütürge where before you will reach Tepehan. Check-in at Hilltop Hotel. After a short coffee break continue to view the magnificent sunset at Nemrut Mountain (2150m.) of Commagene, the highest peak of Mesopotamia, contains Hierothesion of King Antiochus I, rated “The 8th Wonder Of The World” inscribed in the UNESCO List of World Heritage. On the summit you will step into the mythology amongst the gigantic mass-stone statues of gods, each weighing 6 tons and 10 m. tall unbelievably erected at the summit as a monument to divine ancestry of Commagene family. After the life-experience watching the sunset return back to hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3
Very early wake wake-up and departure for the mountain again to watch the magnificent sunrise which is one of the essential rituals visiting Mount Nemrut. Return back to hotel for breakfast after completing this lifetime experience. Drive back to Malatya. Shopping at Copper Market and Apricot Bazaar. Drive to Sultansuyu Stud Farm founded in 1865 to meet the army needs for horses. The stud farm breed and raise purebread Arabian horses with desert character. Transfer to the airport for flight to İstanbul.