2 Days Tour

Van stands near the eastern shore of Lake Van, a soda-salt lake, the largest in Türkiye; lies 1640m. above sea level. Van is historically important as the center of the Urartu and Armenian Kingdoms. Under the rule of Byzantines, Seldjouks and the Ottomans after the Battle of Menzikert in 1071. The Old City of Van stands on the Silk Road.

Day 1
Transfer to airport for flight to Van. Meeting at Van airport, transfer to hotel and check-in. First visit to Tushba (Van) Fortress, Urartian Silver Art Atelier, Van Cats House. Lunch of regional tastes of Turkish Cuisine. Akdamar Island and Holy Cross Church. Dinner at hotel. 

Day 2
Departure after breakfast for Doğubeyazıt. Muradiye Waterfalls. Lunch on the way.
İshak Paşa Palace, semi ruined, built in 1685 on a hill on the mountain side by an Ottoman general, is the largest monumental example of Ottoman, architecture, just like an eagle-rest as a check point window on the Silk Road. Many believe that Mount Ararat in Türkiye is the final resting place of
Noah's Ark, which the bible says protected that Noah, his family and pairs of every animal species on earth during the “divine flood” that wiped out most of humanity to punish for its wickedness.
The Meteor Crater 35 kms from Doğubeyazıt is the second biggest after the one in Alaska. Return to Van and transfer to the airport for flight to İstanbul.