Culinary Walks

Regular Walking Tour (09:00 - 14:30)
Meeting in front of famous Güllüoğlu Baklava Shop at Karaköy, one of the oldest districts of İstanbul.
Traditional breakfast amongst the variety of authentic eatery shops.
Ferry to Kadıköy, ancient Chalcedon, where Ecumenical Council met (451 AD) to bring an end
to the ecclesiastical chaos.
This will not be only a culinary walk but as well a stroll through the city’s Asian Side to discover
its local culture.
Visit different shops at Kadıköy. Fish Market and meeting new tastes of Turkish Cuisine. Typical delicatessen, muhallebi or baklava.
Main course at the famous Çiya Restaurant with special tastes.
Gossips of the day at a typical Turkish Coffee House. Ferry to Karaköy.
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Regular Walking Tour (18:30 - 21:30)
Meeting in front of Starbucks near The Marmara Hotel at Taksim Square. First taste is ‘’Wet Burger’’.
Visit Hacıbekir Sweet Shop, confiseur since 1777, to taste the best Lokum (Turkish Delight) and colourful “Bonbon Turc”.
Experiencing different sidewalk tastes, wander through Flower Passage and Nevizade Street.
Explore the uncharted side-streets of Pera, cultural heart of İstanbul.
Tasting kebap wraps at Dürümzade famed by Anthony Bourdain.
Hazzapoulo Passage for Turkish Coffee and watch “coffee fortune telling”.
Visit a typical Meyhane (Turkish Tavern) to enjoy the Turkish Meze and Turkish Rakı.
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Regular Walking Tour (09:30 - 12:30)

Meet your guide at the entrance of the remarkable Hagia Sophia and skip the lines to start your journey discovering the background of this majestic building.
Your guide explains how this architectural wonder was built in the 5th century and transformed through time—initially a Greek Orthodox church, later an imperial mosque and today a museum. Admire the “Shrine of Holy Wisdom of God,” known for its large Byzantine dome and hear about the construction plans to make it the world's largest worshipping place.
Continue to the city and meander through the Old Town as your guide tells you interesting anecdotes that illustrate İstanbul's culture as you admire Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman architecture.
It’s then time to venture into one of the world's largest souks—the Grand Covered Bazaar,
with nearly 4,000 shops, you can find antiques, carpets, souvenirs and jewellery. Your tour ends here, so you can shop at your own pace.
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Regular Walking Tour (09:30 - 12:30)

Meet your guide at the entrance of Hagia Sophia and hear about this magnificent building before you head out to explore İstanbul. Hear about the history and culture of the Turkish capital as you meander through its streets.
Then move towards the largest palace in İstanbul, UNESCO-listed Topkapı Palace. Skip the line and enter the former residence of Ottoman Sultans.
Follow your guide through different passages within the palace, which once held a mosque, hospital, bakery and mint. Hear about the history behind these walls dating back to 1459 AD when its construction first began. Peek through the windows to see beautiful views over the mighty Bosphorus.
The Hagia Irene located in the outer courtyard of Topkapı Palace is the oldest church of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine). It was also the second largest church in İstanbul after
Hagia Sophia. It’s a typical Byzantine structure with its materials and architecture, was built
on the site of an old temple in 330.
Continue to Süleymaniye Mosque, a 16th-century masterpiece of Sinan and the largest mosque in the city. Admire the Islamic architecture and the stunning interior dome flanked with
semi-domes. Your tour ends at the Sultanahmet Center where you can continue to explore at your own pace.
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