3 Days Tour


Diyarbakır has been home to 33 great civilizations that shaped the history. The earliest reference to the city comes from the Assyrian records, a strong Kingdom of Mesopotamia (1300 BC). However, excavations at Körtik Tepe revealed as one of the oldest settlements of Anatolia going back to 10400 BC. Following Assyrians came Medes dominance and Persians until defeated by Alexander The Great who started the Hellenistic Period. Then came in order Romans, Arabs, Seldjouks (1085) and Ottomans (1515). Diyarbakır is also well known for rich regional Turkish Cuisine, mainly dishes of lamb.

Day 1
Transfer to the airport for fligh to Diyarbakır. Meeting at Diyarbakır airport and transfer to hotel and check-in. Departure for Inner Castle with Süleyman Mosque and the Tombs of the 27 companions of Prophet Mohammad, Amida Mound, Artukid , Lions Fountain, St. George Church, Archaeological Museum and Atatürk Museum. Lunch of regional tastes. Hidden Bird-Paradise hosting nearly 100 bird genres. Diyarbakır Fortress and Hevsel Gardens were lately enlisted on UNESCO World Heritage List. Free time at 450 Years Old Hasan Paşa Inn, a traditional bazaar. Dinner at hotel and overnight.

Day 2
Hilar Caves at Çayönü, dungeons, tombs carved into rocks, castle and caravanserai with 7 pillars from 7500 BC. Eğil, city of prophets, saints and kings. Visit the Tombs of Prophets. Eğil Castle from Assyrian times and rock-cut Kings Tombs during the Boat Tour on Tigris River. Fish lunch by the riverside. Drive to Zerzevan Castle at Çınar from the Roman period used as a border garrison. Visit the last Mithras Temple in the world, still being excavated. The City Walls with defensive towers, churches, administrative building, arsenal, rock altar, street-alleys, houses, water cisterns, underground sunctuary, underground shelter, canals providing water to the settlement, and rock-tombs. Dinner at hotel and overnight.

Day 3
Grand Mosque, the first mosque in Anatolia, Mor Petyun Keldani Church, Surp Giragos Armanian Church, Four Feet Minaret. Lunch of regional tastes at Hacı Halit Restaurant. Mardin Gate, Seven Brothers Bastion, Virgin Mary Church, Dengbej House, traditional live music Cemil Paşa City Museum, Ten Arched Bridge on Tigris River. Transfer to the airport for flight to İstanbul. Meeting at İstanbul and transfer to hotel.