Antakya, city of peace, built on the side of ancient Antiocheia, is amodern city near Syrian border. The city is home to a mixture of faiths. You find several religions and sects within couple of blocks of one another living peacefully here.Antakya, historically known as Antioch, is the capital of Hatay Province. The city is located in a fertile valley on the Orontes River. With its architectural heritage Antakya is a member of the Norwich based European Association of Historic Towns and Regions. Todays city stands partly on the site of the ancient Antiochia which was founded in the 4th century BC by the Seleucid Empire. Christianity first emerged in Antioch.

Day 1
Morning transfer to the airport for flight to Hatay (Antakya). Meet and assist at Hatay Airport. Rapid check-in to hotel and start the city tour. Visit to Museum Hotel, unique with 1.050 m² one-piece mosaics of the lost Antiocheia city beneath. Hatay Archaeology Museum has the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world. The rock-carved St. Pierre Church where people come for pilgrimage with holy Baptistnal Well, statue & lectern of St. Pierre. Lunch of regional tastes of Antakya. Rich Antakya cuisine is renowned and is considered as best examples of Turkish Cuisine. Visit Habib-i Neccar Mosque, the first mosque in Anatolia. Tomb of Habib-i Neccar, 3 Apostles and the first Antiochen citizen who belived in these Apostles.
A short walking tour after Habib-i Neccar Mosque at Herod Street, the first lightened street in the world while listening to Ezan, Church Bell of Sarımiye Mosque with adjoined wall to the Catholic Church and Antakya Synagogue facing them. Old Antakya Streets and 180 years old houses with courtyard. The houses of rich habitants. At the end of the historical street, free time for shopping at Uzunçarşı of regional cultural products; spices, cheese, pommegranate syrup, laurel soap and silk products. A sweet break at Yusuf Usta under the historical plane tree to eat künefe in real handmade embers. Return to hotel. Dinner at Konak Restaurant and taste meze appetizers) main course of Antakya and Aleppo cuisine.

Day 2
Departure after breakfast for Samandağ coastal city. Visit to Hıdırbey Village. Coffee break at Sycamore Tree. You may drink Ab-u Hayat Water which Moses drank.Vakıflı Village, the only Armenian village out of Armenia where people live safely. 1380 m. long Vespasion Titus Tunnel, known asone of the “Wonders of The World created by human hands labor.Tomb Chambers carved in the rocks, the Cradle Cave. Visit to the Tomb of Hızır.
Lunch of fresh fish and other seafood. Visit to VI. Century Monastery commissioned by St. Simon of “Leaving The World Sect.” Finally, visit Daphne and Daphne Waterwalls which according to mythology consisted of Apollo tears shed from Daphne, his beloved. Transfer to Hatay airport for flight to İstanbul.