Seven Churches of Revelation

The Lonic Triangle 3 Days Tour

Early Christianity took shape and was spread in Anatolia. Thus, a journey through this part of the world has something of the quality of a pilgrimage, both a physical and a spiritual search for the origins and realities of one’ s faith.
Early morning flight to Smyrna (İzmir) or night before bus to Kuşadası.
Day 1      Meet and continue to Ephesos (Efes), visit the old Greco-Roman city of Ephesus,
                most important of the “Seven Churches of Revelation” in Asia Minor where St. John brought
                Mary in fulfillment of his pledge to Jesus to protect her, and last abode of Virgin Mary
                at Mount Solmissos where she is believed to have taken into heaven.
                After lunch, continue to Laodicea (Denizli), a crossroads of the ancient world. Dinner at hotel and overnight in
                Pamukkale (Hierapolis).
Day 2     Departure after breakfast and visit the ancient city of Hierapolis, home of Philip
                the Evangelist. Proceed to Philadelphia (Alaşehir), the youngest of the Seven Churches
                of Revelation, visiting the still standing remains of an early church and the city walls.
                Lunch on the way.
               Afternoon visit to the ruins of the church at Sardis (Salihli), the ancient Lydian capital holding an important place in
               Evening arrival at Thyatira (Akhisar), one of the principal towns where Christianity
                was spread from and visit the ruins of the church.
               Late evening drive to Pergamon. Dinner at hotel and overnight in Pergamum.
Day 3     Dcaeparture after breakfast and visit Pergamon (Bergama), the place where St. John wrote to the church of
               Pergamon “Satan’ s throne is sited”. The impressive structures dating back to 339 BC.
                Pergamon was a health center where methods of treatment such as therapy with music and water, meditation and
                blood transfusion were first used.
               After lunch, drive to Smyrna (İzmir), recipient of a letter from St. Paul praising the early believers for their faithfulness.
               Visit to St. Polycarp Church. After a short city tour,evening flight or night bus from İzmir to İstanbul.