Jewish Heritage

Private / Full Day or Half Day Morning Tour (except Saturday & Sunday)

THE STORY OF TURKISH JEWS who were deported from Spain in 1492, now living in Türkiye
for more than 500 years in peace & harmony.
Start after breakfast for a tour in Galata, the centuries-old Jewish neighborhood with its famous tower built by the Genoese. Visit to Neve Shalom Synagogue or Ashkenaz Synagogue (upon availability)
Drive to Balat along the Golden Horn, residential area of the Ottoman Jews where
the “Star of David” still appears on the facades of some buildings. Visit to Ahrida Synagogue, built in the 15th century and from outside Jewish Hospital (Or-Ahayim).
Visit to Zülfaris Jewish Museum of the Quincentennial Foundation and the “Oldies House”
at Hasköy.
The Jewish Cemetery where the martyrs of Neve Shalom are buried. Stop at Ortaköy, first disembark point of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain by the religious disturbance
of the Spanish King and the Queen, desperate on the ships in the middle of the sea, not being accepted by any European country except the Ottoman Sultan Beyazid Khan The Second
who welcomed them offering a safe and peaceful life. Last visit to Etz Ahayim Synagogue in Ortaköy.
Neve Shalom Synagogue or Ashkenaz Synagogue (upon availability)
Galata & Balat, the oldest Jewish settlement
Golden Horn