3 Days Tour

, is located in the uppermost Euphrates valley. The city has an altitude of 1067 m. surrounded by vineyards and gardens. The ancient town and citadel of Harput meaining “Rock Fortress” located about 5 kilometers from Elazığ.

With its peculiar characteristics and surrounded by mountains exhibiting a majestic view, Tunceli is a land with untouched natural beauties and an area of rocky steep cliffs displaying a wild appearance. Known as “Dersim” in the old times, Tunceli has followed a similar historical evolution as other cities of Eastern Anatolia. Beginning with the Urartians, it changed hands among Persians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans and today it is a modern province with remains from all these periods. Another beautiful spot nearby is the Munzur Valley National Park with its wide natural resources. This site is also an ideal destination for mountaineers and a wonderful secenery that will amaze nature lovers. Tunceli city had taken it’s first settlement in 5000–3500 BC. and was located on the upper Euphrates River area of Eastern Anatolia Region. Munzur, Peri and Pulumur Rivers provide large possibilities for rafting sports and sportive fishing. Dereova Waterfalls and Zenginpınar Waterfalls are a hot tourist destinations and are a great natural richness of Tunceli.

Erzincan, the city of a thousand legends, once famous with inns famous with welcoming the caravans of Silk Road.
About Alevi Faith : Alevism is neither a religion nor a sect… “It is a unique philosophy, a faith, and that goes beyond all these…” Alevism took shape long before Islam with influences from Central Asian faiths such as Shamanism, Zoroastrianism and Manichaenism. Later, after the emergence of monotheistic religions, it was influenced by Judaism and Christianity. Finally, it was most strongly ifluenced by Islam and adopted by the trinity of God, Mohammed, and Ali as its guide. The Alevi Houses of worship are called Cemevi (Cem House).

Day 1
Transfer to the airport for flight to Elazığ. Meeting at the airport and drive to historical city of Harput, one of the most important habitants of Upper Euphrates. Visit to Harput Castle, Ulu Cami, Virgin Mary Church. Ferry accross Keban Dam to the charming town of Pertek. Continue to Mazgirt where you will witness the trails of many old civilizations in the history. Lunch on the way at Bülbülderesi. Arrive at Tunceli, check in at the hotel. Visit to a Cem House of the Alevi Faith. Information about Alevism and rituels from an Alevi theolog. Free time to take photographs.

Day 2
Departure after breakfast to Munzur Valley, one of the biggest national parks in Türkiye.Walk through the georgeous Oak Forest where Munzur River accompanies during our small photo-break to fix this marvelous looking nature of life-time memories. Drive via Ovacık to Munzur Fountainheads at the skirts of Munzur Mountains and hear about the Legend of Munzur. Lunch of regional tastes with fresh plants just collected from back-garden. Drive to Hozat to see the Ergen Monastery and back to Tunceli. After a short panoramic tour of the city, photo break at Körkes Hill for the panoramic view of the city. A short visit to the Mayor of Tunceli, if he is in town. Dinner by riverside of Munzur. Back to hotel.

Day 3
Departure after check-out to Pülümür Valley. Short photo-breaks at several points before reaching town-center. Visit to spring-salt production atelier. Drive to Tercan to visit the Abrenk Monastery with chapels and stone-crosses. Girlevik Waterfalls before going to the center of Erzincan. A short tour of Market Place after dinner. Transfer to the airport for flight to İstanbul.