Priene, Milletus, Dydima

Day Trip from Kuşadası
Departure from Kuşadası after breakfast.
Drive to Priene which was built as a coastal port in 11th BC. on the slopes of Mycale Mountain and was full of democracy with more than 3000 residents.
Miletus, one of the oldest and the greatest of the Ionion cities, more than 3500 years old, near the mouth of Meander River. The city was the capital of Ionia and an important harbour in Helenistic Era.
Dydima was originally a pre-greek cult center and the sanctuary on the territory. The city played a significant role in spread of early Christianity. Lunch Included Tour 17 The Ionic Triangle Advance reservation required Departure from Kuşadası after breakfast. Evening return back to Kuşadası.
Thales of Miletus was regarded as the father of philosophy and a mathematician. Anaximander was the student of Thales and learned his teachings of philosophy, astronomy, geometry, geography and politics. He was the first to create a map of the world. Pythagoras is amongst his students. Anaximenes, Milesian philosopher, student of Anaximander. Isidore, one of the two arthitects to design Hagia Sophia. Hippodamos, an architect considered to be “the father of European urban planning”, the namesake of the grid plan.